écusson fabriqué au québec au dessus de boxers pour homme

The only 100% local boxer

Design, weaving, dyeing, printing, stitching, handling: the FIER boxer is the only approved men's underwear manufactured in Quebec by the non-profit organization Les Produits du Québec.

Long live durable boxers

It’s no secret: the fashion industry is a major polluter. FIER means to go above and beyond industry practices and fast fashion imperatives; we wanted to create products that would leave the world in better shape than the one we found it in.

To do so, we decided to aim for sustainability. First, by adopting sustainable practices, which means doing low-carbon business, and second by making sustainable products, which means boxers that last for years, structurally and comfortably.
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Made in Québec for sustainability in our business practices

To keep true to our sustainability goals, we are committing to two eco-friendly business practices: local manufacturing and using sustainable materials.

Eco-friendly materials

  • Le logo de la compagnie Tencel microfribe

    Tencel™ Modal micro

    Woven from beech tree pulp, Tencel’s branded Modal micro fiber is eco-friendly thanks to its closed circuit production. Water and chemicals used to transform its cellulose are recycled and reused so that no wastewater is dumped into nature. The fiber’s transformation is also carbon neutral with regards to its energy consumption: the process reuses 100% of the excess chemical heat.

    The fibers are also completely biodegradable.
    Learn more about micro Modal 
  • le logo de la compagnie repreve

    Repreve® recycled polyester

    The jersey fabric we’re working with is woven from Repreve’s recycled polyester fiber. Rather than coming from recycled fabrics, it is made from discarded plastic bottles, for a ratio of 15.9 500 ml bottles per meter of fabric. After recycling, the fiber is extruded into exceptionally resistant threads, which keep their elasticity while standing strong to wear and tear. The material is also mold-resistant thanks to Unifi’s patented Sorbtek technology.

    Repreve is used wherever both lightness and strength are needed, like in sportswear or commercial furniture.
    Learn more about Repreve 
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Made in Québec for a sustainable product

Even with exemplary business practices, manufacturing new products is a pollution risk. To limit our carbon footprint, we’re counting on the durability of our products: buying things that last helps reducing emissions globally.
  • Une machine tisse notre tissu durable et confortable


    Our fabrics’ blend of Tencel modal micro and Repreve fibers make them exceptionally resistant to wear and tear. Recycled polyester simply has no weakness or imperfection throughout the length of the thread, and Modal, when produced through air jet, is significantly more resilient than cotton when it comes to friction and tearing. Our stitches are also optimized to resist stretching.
  • Un mélange de texture et de couleur pour nos microfibres


    FIER’s fabrics are coloured with a blend of reactive and dispersed dyes, which guarantees eye-popping, long lasting colour. They are also treated with anti-mold agents directly in the fiber, and are stabilized to iron out any kinks or structural weaknesses. Every shipped FIER boxer goes through manual quality control by members of our team to ensure that every pair is as durable and sustainable as we mean them to be.
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