We came up with the idea for FIER sort of by accident. One of the founders, being raised in France, surprised us with the use of the word "sgeg", which is Arabic-derived slang for male attributes.
Jokingly, we said it would a great name for new brand of men's underwear.

Joking aside

We gave the idea of a new underwear brand some serious thinking. We noticed there didn’t seem to be an iconic brand of men’s underwear in Quebec, where we live.
And so, if we were to launch a new, ideal underwear brand, we wondered about the qualities we’d want to see from it.

And that’s how FIER boxers were invented.

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More about the founders

Raphaël, Adam and Maryse are idealists. Wholesome, creative, and rigorous. But first of all, great friends who recognized each others’ entrepreneurship.

Why men’s underwear? Because the fashion industry appears to be the ideal breeding ground for new ideas in both business practices and male representation.

Is it possible to manufacture locally and ethically? Is it possible to offer a satisfying alternative to the current consumer products?

Can other new ideas about masculinity be valued?

And most importantly, can we achieve all of this through attractive and comfortable designs and models without crazily steep prices?

That's what FIER does, day after day.

FIER: boxer shorts made in Montreal.

All our fabrics are made from sustainable and recycled materials.

All our patterns are exclusive and made by local artists.

Printing and production is done in Montreal.

Our models aren't meant to feature perfect bodies, but real bodies.

Make a change, step by step

FIER is an ideal we reach for. It's a boxer shorts made with integrity and rigor, it's the fruit of our creativity and our way to contribute, one step at a time to a better tomorrow.
We're not perfect, but we're trying to do our part.